Keepsafe Photo Vault for PC – Hide Private Photos & Videos


The Keepsafe Photo Vault is an application that allows you to store your private images and videos in a safe location.

Before heading toward to the download procedure of Keepsafe app, lets have a look on it’s key features first.

Features of Keepsafe Photo Vault App

1. Keep Safe Your Photos and Videos

2. Hide Private Photos and Videos from Gallery

3. Keeps Image PNG, JPEG, GIF & BMP Formats

4. Cloud Backup

5. Optimized for Any Tablet or Phone Device

6. Add Custom Alias to Photos

7. Easily Share Photos with Friends on Social Networks

8. Customize the App by Changing Themes

9. Encrypt Images with a Password

10. Sort Photos in Gallery and Albums Manually

11. Export any photo or album to your local storage or SD card

12. Backup photos online with Cloud+ (optional) Keepsafe allows you to protect your sensitive data on the device by creating an additional layer of security. Your images are hidden within the app and can be accessed only after entering a passcode.

Steps to Download Keepsafe Photo Vault App for PC (Windows)

1. Download Android emulator software BlueStacks.

2. Once installed, launch the software and search for Keepsafe Photo Vault using the search tool on the home screen.

3. Once you find Keepsafe Photo Vault, click it and press “Free Download” to download Keepsafe Photo Vault for PC.

4. A window will pop up with available installation options, install Keepsafe Photo Vault by checking the box next to “I have installed BlueStacks”, then select “Install”.

5. Once the download and installation process is finished, Keepsafe Photo Vault will appear as a tile on the All Apps screen within BlueStacks.

The Keepsafe Photo Vault app allows you to store all your precious images and videos in one location for safe keeping!

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Keepsafe

Q: What does Keepsafe do?

A. Keepsafe does many things including:

1. Keeps safe your personal photos and videos.

2. Hides personal photos and videos from gallery.

3. Stores image in PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP formats (keeps the original photo untouched).

4. Cloud backup for storing images online (optional)

Q: How can I access Keepsafe?

A. From the app, press the Keepsafe icon, enter your passcode on the lock screen and then use “Vault” to access all your photos.

Q: Can I store messages in Keepsafe?

A. Not yet! We are always working on new features so stay tuned for future updates.

Q: How do I take a photo or create an album in Keepsafe?

A. You can use the camera on your device to take new photos, or you can use existing photos from your gallery.

Once you have taken or selected your photos, press the checkmark at the top right of your screen to bring up options. You can then select “New Album” or “Add to Existing Album”.

Q: Is Keepsafe a free app?

A. Keepsafe is a free photo and video vault app, but you need a premium account to backup photos online.

You will also get more space if you pay for it monthly or yearly.

Q: How do I import pictures into Keepsafe?

A. From the main menu, tap “+” to take photos or select “Import from Gallery.”

If you have Keepsafe Plus, you can also import images directly from your Facebook album.

Q: How do I backup my photos?

A. You can choose to back up your photos online with Cloud+ (by Keepsafe Inc.) by signing up for a premium Cloud+ account.

You can subscribe monthly or yearly, and Keepsafe will verify your subscription automatically every month.

Q: How do I set up Keepsafe on multiple devices?

A. Keepsafe is a cross-platform app. You can sync your albums and passcode across multiple devices by signing up for Keepsafe Plus ($2.99/month or $19.99/year).

Q: How do I take a selfie and not show my personal information?

A. You can use the front camera to take selfies.

Q: How do I create an album in Keepsafe?

A. You can create albums by following these steps:

1. Tap the plus (+) icon on your main screen, and then tap “New Album”.

2. Enter a new album name and press “Ok” to create an album.

3. To add new photos, click the “Add” icon on your main screen, and then press “+ Add photo/video”.

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