Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear) for Windows PC


Are you a proud owner of Samsung Gear devices and looking to enhance your user experience? Look no further! The Galaxy Wearable app is here to revolutionize the way you interact with your Samsung Gear on Windows PC. Whether it’s managing notifications, customizing settings, or downloading exciting new apps and watch faces, this powerful application has got you covered.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of getting the Galaxy Wearable app up and running on your Windows PC. But before we dive into that, let’s explore some of the incredible benefits that come with using this app on your computer. Get ready to unlock a whole new level of convenience and control over your Samsung Gear devices!

Benefits of Using the App on Windows PC

1. Seamless Connectivity

One of the major advantages of using the Galaxy Wearable app on your Windows PC is the seamless connectivity it offers between your Samsung Gear devices and your computer. With this app, you can easily sync your smartwatch or wireless earbuds with your PC and enjoy a synchronized experience across all your devices.

2. Easy Device Management

The Galaxy Wearable app provides an intuitive interface that allows you to easily manage and customize your Samsung Gear devices from the comfort of your PC. You can change watch faces, adjust settings, install apps, and even update firmware with just a few clicks.

3. Enhanced Productivity

By having access to the Galaxy Wearable app on your Windows PC, you can enhance productivity by conveniently accessing notifications, messages, emails, and other important information directly from your desktop screen. This eliminates the need to constantly switch between devices and helps you stay focused on tasks at hand.

4. Advanced Health Tracking

If you own a Samsung fitness tracker or smartwatch, using the Galaxy Wearable app on your Windows PC gives you access to advanced health tracking features right at your fingertips. You can monitor steps taken, calories burned, heart rate data, sleep patterns, and more without needing to pick up your phone or wearable device.

5. Personalization Options

The Galaxy Wearable app offers a wide range of personalization options for customizing various aspects of your Samsung Gear devices. From changing watch faces to selecting different widgets for quick access to favorite apps or functions – everything can be done effortlessly through the user-friendly interface on your Windows PC.

Here is how you can download the app using BlueStacks.


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Download Samsung Wearable App for Windows PC

Step 1: Start by downloading the newest version of “NoxPlayer” through its official website. 

Step 2: Next, download and install NoxPlayer on your Windows-based computer. You will need to wait a few minutes for the installation to be completed. 

Step 3: The emulator may be opened by clicking on the NoxPlayer icon on the desktop. 

Step 4: Go to the Google Play Store by clicking the “Play Store” button located on the main page of NoxPlayer As a default, NoxPlayer is included in the Play Store. 

Step 5: Your Gmail ID and password are required to access the Play Store. 

Step 6: Enter “Galaxy Wearable” in the search field of the Play Store and hit the search button; the “Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear)” app will appear at the top of your list.

Step 7: The Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear) App may be installed by clicking on the “Install” button. You’ll need to wait a few seconds for your computer to validate and install the program.

That’s it! You have successfully downloaded and installed Galaxy Wearable app on your Windows PC. Now you can connect it with your wearable device seamlessly for an enhanced user experience!


1. Can I use the Galaxy Wearable App on my Windows PC?

Yes, you can! The Galaxy Wearable App is compatible with Windows PCs, allowing you to seamlessly connect your Samsung Gear devices and manage them directly from your computer.

2. How do I download and install the Galaxy Wearable App on my Windows PC?

To get started, simply visit the official Samsung website or Microsoft Store and search for “Galaxy Wearable App.” Once you find it, click on the download/install button and follow the on-screen instructions. It’s a quick and easy process!

3. What are the benefits of using the Galaxy Wearable App on my Windows PC?

Using the app on your PC offers several advantages. You can easily customize settings for your Samsung Gear devices, transfer files between your phone and PC, receive notifications directly on your computer screen, update firmware conveniently without needing to use a mobile device, and much more!

4. Do I need specific system requirements to run the Galaxy Wearable App?

Yes, there are some basic system requirements for running the app smoothly on your Windows PC. Ensure that you have a compatible operating system (Windows 10 or later), sufficient storage space available (at least 150MB), stable internet connection for updates/downloads, and administrative privileges to install software.

5. Can I pair multiple Samsung Gear devices with one Windows PC using this app

Absolutely! The Galaxy Wearable App allows you to pair multiple Samsung Gear devices simultaneously with your Windows PC. Whether it’s a smartwatch or earbuds, you can manage all connected devices conveniently from one central hub.

Remember: Before downloading any software or apps onto your computer, always ensure that they are from trusted sources to protect against malware or other security risks!


In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected and up-to-date with our devices is more important than ever. The Galaxy Wearable app for Windows PC allows users to seamlessly integrate their Samsung Gear devices into their daily lives, taking convenience and functionality to a whole new level.

From managing notifications to customizing watch faces and tracking fitness goals, the Galaxy Wearable app offers a range of features that enhance the overall user experience. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can easily download and install the app on your Windows PC.

By using the Galaxy Wearable app on your PC, you can enjoy all the benefits of your Samsung Gear device without having to constantly reach for your phone. Whether it’s adjusting settings or accessing apps directly from your desktop, this integration provides a seamless experience that enhances productivity while keeping you effortlessly connected.

So why wait? Get started today by downloading and installing the Galaxy Wearable app on your Windows PC. Stay connected, stay productive – all at your fingertips!

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